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“At last, America has a great, exciting, relevant new guitar band. Who’d have thought it would be lead by a 16-year-old musical dynamo. The star Starling - Christian Gisborne - is the real deal. Six weeks ago, I had never heard of Velvet
Starlings... now they’re my new favorite American Band. I defy you to listen and not be blown away. This band are for me the most exciting thing I've seen

in the past couple years...they're led by an absolute powerhouse. He's one of the finest musical experts from America who I have seen in a long, long time."

BBC Radio


“So amazing! My mind is blown! See them live. It's like going to the Cavern Club in the 60s.” "If 

Underground Garage/Sirius XM




Artist, Activist, and Founder of OBEY Clothing and Artwork

“I love the music and the message... Christian is channeling the greats... Dylan, Marley, Strummer, etc. with his powers as a musician and songwriter... I am especially inspired by his ability to appeal emotionally and provoke intellectually... "


“Velvet Starlings offers exuberant anthems for any youth interested in guitar bands..., with a bell-bottomed seven songs EP that’ll bring a smile to fans... of legendary artists from the 60s era.”

Buzzbands LA



"Velvet Starlings' hooky melodies and powerful lyrics are filled with passion that pulls you in right away making the song a standout hit.”



"VS Delivered live in Sweden...Christian Gisborne is poised to be one of the torch bearers for Rock & Roll into the next decade."

Talent Buyer/Summerfest

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Founder of Live at Heart Festival Sweden

“I saw VS live at Gibson Showroom in LA and was blown away." 



"Velvet Starlings Eps didnt come on your radar, the riffy , raucous "Back Of The Train" is a sharp introduction to a teenager who as a young lad was deep-diving into the catalogs of  rock greats and appropriating his love of the British Invasion" - Buzzband LA

" Los Angeles' Velvet Starlings are 2021's answer to psychedelic, gritty garage rock that sparked elation in the 1960's" - Flood Magazine"If 


'Back cf of the Train'  recalls 60's garage rock forebear like their LA ancestors The Standells and The Seeds, Gisborne's howling vocals- a timbre in the  same kin as Ricky Erickson's eerie croon.





Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer for Cage the Elephant, Royal Blood, The Black Keys

“Authentic and fresh... reminds me of the great classic bands. Christian is the real deal.”


LA's Premiere Lifestyle and Music Guide

“Although the band’s sound is heavily rooted in the past, its youthful band members give the classic rock genre new life.”

Tyler Russell

KX 93.5 Laguna Beach Program Director 

"Christian is a young consummate rocker...a 15 year old phenom."

Tim Pyles

91X San Diego

"When I first received Velvet Starlings music, the photo on the cover of the CD led me to think two things, first, that they were from the UK and secondly, that the front man was in his early 20s. Wrong on both accounts! First off, the band is from LA and secondly, the front man Christian is 15 years old!?! The kid is mature beyond his years, an old rock n roll soul rebirthed. Great songs, great attitude and a torch bearer for keeping rock n roll music alive! Let's rock!"